Description of the product

AUZAS 01 is an autonomous and automated system intended for recording and analysing results of eddy-current tests for diagnostics of heat exchanger tubes. The system consists of a mechanism that allows automatic probe movement, a pneumatic gripper and a data acquisition module. The device is operated by means of a portable computer or a tablet with a dedicated application, and therefore the user has unlimited possibilities of saving and processing the measurement data. The system can also operate in the manual mode, it behaves then like a typical eddy current flaw detector.



− automated probe extraction and signal recording in the function of probe position in the tube being tested
− automatic detection of defects and visualisation thereof in exchanger geometry in the form of C-type imaging
− testing can be performed by one operator which significantly reduces the cost
− auto-calibration based on the entered pattern models
− option of saving and archiving results for comparative purposes during subsequent inspections
− two-channel measuring system allowing use of low and high frequencies
− quick report generating thanks to built-in statistical functions
− preview and verification of selected exchanger elements thanks to the previously saved results
− eddy-current flaw detector functionality

Control application

The system is operated by means of an application divided into several modules that enable such operations as: entering the geometry of the exchanger under inspection, determination testing parameters, calibration and definition of measurement gates, review of the collected measurement data as well as generation of test reports.

During the inspection, the user can preview the signal in several windows: in the impedance plane separately for each channel and jointly as a result of mathematical operations. The system also enables preview of the pattern in the function of time independently for values x and y for both channels.

Components of the system

− measurement and control system AUZAS 01
− portable computer with a dedicated application
− motorised device for probe positioning
− pneumatic grip complete with probe

Measuring technique

Taking measurements using the eddy current method consists in producing an alternating magnetic field in the material being tested and recording the response of the material. Measurements are taken through a test probe; the signals are presented in the flaw detector display.

Analysis of the values of changes in the electromagnetic field, amplitude, phase shift, voltage and current enables comparative assessment of the state of the material under inspection. This way, discontinuities are detected in the form of e.g. cracks, erosion or corrosion, non-metallic intrusions. After preparing appropriate patterns, it is possible to dimension the defects.